DCUO Getting Super Servers

dc_universe_online on dcuounlimited


In shocking fashion DC Universe Online announced on the official page that they will be going from the many servers they currently have to single server shards.  The small post released the following statement.

We have heard your concerns about queue times on the servers. This game is about people playing and fighting together so we feel your pain. Sometime in the next month, we are going to test new technology to meld all of our US and European PC and PS3 servers into four Super-Servers, one for each platform in each region. This will allow for more opportunities to queue and participate in other group related game mechanics. We are hoping to get this on our PC Test Server to start testing, again, sometime in the next month and then will tune it up for the PS3 platform as well. As soon as we know more about testing and timing we will let you know. But, believe this – it is one of our top priorities. Again, thanks for your patience, we appreciate your support.

We’ll have more details at a future date.

With this information, it begs the question on if the game is having a rapidly declining user base.  Will this mean that the end of subscription service could be coming soon also to a move to free-to-play?  Time will only tell on that.  But we will keep up date with any info we come across.