Going Green June 17th………..


June 17th is a big day for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, but it is an even bigger day for Green Lantern and diehard DC Fans like myself. 

For the better part of 30+ years i have been collecting comic books almost since i was born.  my father being a superman helped with that but i seemed to find my way being more of a Batman fan as a kid.  on Saturday mornings my favorite show was the super friends and loving and caring for the hero's of the show.  as my knowledge grew of Batman, superman, wonder woman and green lantern.  then diving in to the whole DC Universe while your buddies talk about spider-man and x-men you realize that this journey will be all your own. 

Going through the history you see find out that Hal was not the original green lantern but Alan Scott was, now imagine being 7 years old and finding this out and understanding you got more comics to read to find out everything about the history of the green lantern(s). 


It's a fun journey to take but it takes years to really appreciate what June 17th means to me and thousands of green lanterns fans around the world who read the adventures of alan scott, hal jordan, kyle rayner, john stewart, kilowag, etc…  days and nights reading the comics, carrying them in your backpack to school, sneaking them in to your text books so it looks like your reading along with what the teacher is saying.  collecting your first figure.  now imagine doing this for every dc character and you have my life growing up.  Green Lantern sticks out because we are finally getting to see one of DC's top comic book heroes coming to the big screen.  (we still need a wonder woman but warner bro's is not confident in a woman leading a superhero action movie.  hire me as an adviser and i will show you how it can!)  

As i walk into the theaters and find my seat with soda and popcorn in hand i will be automatically taken back through those long nights of reading, not paying attention in school cause i wanted to know more about sinestro, going to stop n go to ask if they got new dc comics in and waking up Saturday morning to see the whole gang -Batman, superman, wonder woman and green lantern!

What i want from you guys is one thing, if your not a green lantern but going to see the film, please understand that there are others like myself that have waited a long time for this moment, heck some have waited longer then i have who actually created the character who are no longer here to see this day.  so enjoy the movie and more so head to a comic book store and find some green lantern books to read.  and if your still in school remember i do not support not listening in school………but they do want you to read more now a days so….