First look at shield’s!!


Here is a sneak peek at some of the styles for the shields coming out for the new dlc, the style’s are fresh and exciting and like most of you im looking forward to checking it out as soon as it becomes available.

The Last Laugh is a Player vs. Player (PvP) focused DLC Pack, but one major component is the addition of the all new weapon, Shield, which can be used in all areas of the game. Everyone who gets the DLC Pack (either in the Marketplace or with a Legendary Membership) will get access to Shield’s whole new weapon tree and the chance to use these amazing new weapons. Bash your enemies into next week with brutal melee attacks, or throw your shield and knock them out from a distance!

One of the things we’re really excited about is how free flowing the Shield weapon combos feel, allowing you to adjust your plan of attack on the fly. With Shield, you can throw down a finishing move at any point in your attack chain, and the number of attacks you’ve made up until that point determines which finisher you get. This means you can start off with a finisher (or, a melee hold) and hit someone good with a Spinning Backhand, but you can also choose to bash twice (melee tap), then hold, to perform a Leaping Stab. (Don’t try that one at home. It’s quite painful.)
Of course, tapping more before your finisher means a more powerful move, like the Overhead Plate Smash (four times) or the Handspring Kick (seven times), just to name a few. Stay unpredictable, adapt on the fly, and use your Shield to bring the pain when you’re in the thick of the battle!
Now, it just wouldn’t be a proper Shield if you couldn’t stand back and throw it at the good guys. I mean, bad guys. Of course I meant bad guys. And, you know, you’d be a pretty silly hero if once you threw your Shield, it just bounced away and you lost it. That’s why you can always count on your Shield to fly true to your target and then ricochet back to you. For added fun, it will hit anything in its path, too, so use your positioning to your advantage and aim wisely!
If you’ve been following Shield Week, you’ve seen quite a few of Shield’s many new weapon styles, but just in case you haven’t been, here’s a few more!
As you can see the weapons tree looks exciting for a few roles especially for tanks and trollers, you can already see the vitalization and the cunning in there. So this is critical for anybody wanting to up their stats.