Game Update 13 DCUO


    DCUO recently release Game update, and one of the most exciting things (at least for me) has to be the token of merit and the return of the spring seasonal event. The token of merits rewards your hard work for collecting tokens, it adds feats by consuming the new token of merits. Its a great way to add to your skill points and if your close to hit that next skill point this is a great way to reach it. This is great and gives another reason to revisit alerts and keep grinding for marks. Also the seed pods are back and for the lower CR players the trinket is a must have for the feat and the great trinket, in my opinion it is second best to the Central City Trinket. Happy Spring guys!!!


Spring Seasonal Event!

The Spring Seasonal Event has returned! Poison Ivy is wreaking havoc with the people of Gotham’s allergies and it’s only getting worse. Luckily for the innocents, Swamp Thing is calling for help in thwarting Poison Ivy’s plans. Relive the events from last year or, if you missed them, don’t miss them again!

New Tokens of Merit!

You’ve worked hard, and it’s time you got credit! You can now turn your unused and excess Marks into Feats, and watch your Feat and Skill Points shoot up! Tokens of Merit vendors are now available and can be found in the Watchtower War Room and the Hall of Doom Pit areas. Tokens of Merit can be purchased using all existing PvE, PvP, and Seasonal currencies. These can be consumed and used for new Tokens of Merit feats!

DCUO Raid Teleporters!

We have added teleporters outside the boss fights for Raids, where applicable, to allow players an extra 15 seconds to enter the boss fights after the boss fight door closes.

Collections Update!

Listen up! The Collections system has been updated to give players a fuller experience with Investigations and Briefs! We’ve begun adding audio effects to the voice recordings of Collections to exhibit the source of the recording; from CB radio, to TV, to Satellite, to even Magically transmitted recordings! In addition we have visually supported this by adding a UI element that helps reflect the newly processed transmission with special icons in the Communicator window.

PvP Changes!

Many changes have been made to PvP in preparation for the upcoming DLC4, including the addition of Counter Attack Immunity, health and toughness tweaks to PvP armor, and more! To see all the details, make sure to check the forums.