New Style Available in DCUO Marketplace


In your career as an Exobyte-enhanced Hero or Villain, we know sometimes it is just as important to look good doing what you do as it is to be good at doing it. Some of you hardened veterans might think that sounds a bit fishy, but these new styles should put your fires out!

Goth Leggings (Fishnets)!

Get your saucy on and follow in the footsteps Black Canary and Zatanna with fishnet stockings of your very own!
Fishnets are the perfect item for someone who wants to show some skin and do it in style! Not to leave anyone out,
we’ve also included a version for the guys out there.
Goth Leggings are available in the Marketplace for just 200 Station Cash / $1.99.

Firefigher Suits!

If you want to look a bit more like real world heroes, pick up the new Firefighter suits! One of our most asked-for styles, these suits will make you feel a lot more comfortable jumping into burning buildings or dodging flaming meteors.
The pieces are available individually in the Marketplace.