SOE Cancels Non-Recurring Memberships


In a statement made on 6/15/2012, Sony Online Entertainment let the DCUO community know that they are going to remove the ability to purchase legendary memberships with station cash. 

As of Monday June 18th, 2012 SOE will remove the ability to purchase legendary membership with station cash from PC while the PS3 date will be announced later on. The move comes as no surprise, since the success of triple station cash day. Members had the ability to but station cash and prolong their membeship for 1/3 of the price. Many speculate that this may be the end to "free 2 play" method, but in fact it is an effort to make the legendary membership a more subscription based model while still being able to offer great deals like triple station cash. There isnt much explanation on how the move wil work:


1) Will there still be an option to stop payment on recurring memberships?

2) Is premium still going to be an option?

3) Does this affect international players in paying for the game?


Still a lot of questions lingering on this topic, only time will tell on how this develops.


-by Dazl