New Radar Items available in the marketplace!



R&D Scanner Two-Pack – 100 Station Cash / $0.99
Every day, thousands of Heroes and Villains scour Gotham City and Metropolis for precious Exobits. Drifting down from the atmosphere, these decaying Exobytes could be just about anywhere, and they're enormously valuable in the emerging Research and Development field. Luckily, new advancements in radar technology have led to the creation of R&D Scanners. Each scanner is a one-time use item that will reveal R&D nodes on your minimap for 15 minutes! Snatch up two in this pack, now available in the Marketplace!
Radar Enhancer Two-Pack – 100 Station Cash / $0.99
Of course, there's more to be found out there than just Exobits! If you're hunting for Investigations, Briefings, or Collections, you'll want to pick up a Radar Enhancer. Each enhancer is a one-time use item that will reveal these nodes on your minimap for 15 minutes. Make the most of your time, and find what you need! Pick up a few Radar Enhancers today!
Exo hunting just got easier
-by Dazl