A New Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign Kicks Into Gear


The final installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is less than a month away. We are waiting with bated breath to watch our Caped Crusader tackle the villain Bane as he terrorizes Gotham City. It's been eight years since Bruce Wayne has worn the cowl & now with the arrival of Bane & a certain femme fatale cat burglar, it appears he will have to take it up again for the sake of Gotham City. 

A new site called Dew Gotham City has launched viral for the film. The site has many interesting bits & pieces that allow you to go deeper into the story of the film. One of the little gems presented by the site is The Gotham Observer, the official newspaper for Gotham City in the film. 

Along with juicy tidbits such as this, Mountain Dew is giving fans the opportunity to redeem codes for a chance to see an advance screening of The Dark Knight Rises, to score exclusive gear or to win other very cool prizes.




[Source: CBM, Dew Gotham City]