Arkham Prequel in the Works


Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment is intent on introducing members of the Justice League in the next arch of RockSteady's Batman series. Only this time it won't be a sequel to Arkham Asylum or the more recent Arkham City, but a prequel to the entire series. In fact, this new installment will revolve around Batman's first meeting with The Joker. 

It is being reported that the story & overall feel will be closer to the Silver Age of DC comics (1956-1970), when Batman first interacted with other iconic DC heroes on a more regular basis to form the Justice League of America. We can expect Superman, Batman & Green Lantern will have prominent roles in the prequel game due to their most recent sojourns on the big screen. Other heroes we can assume will be in attendance are Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman & Wonder Woman.

Many believe this is an intentional effort designed by Warner Bros to saturate the market with the JLA as it begins the development stage for a future Justice League movie. The timing for such a venture would be extremely ideal as it is estimated that the RockSteady game won't be released until 2014 & a JLA film will probably not hit our screens until approximately 2015.

There is the possibility that members of the Unlimited Crew may get the chance to check out the Batman prequel at the RockSteady studios in London. We'll provide more on this possibility as news develops.

Which heroes or villains would you like to see in the next Batman game? Let us know & we'll discuss it on the next Gotham News Radio.



[Source: Variety]