Listen to the Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack


Music can make or break a movie. It can compliment a great story & elevate it into the iconic. Imagine not hearing the epic french horns at the beginning of John Williams' Superman theme or the staccato cadence from Molossus in Batman Begins. It scarcely bears thinking about.

For the first time in the Nolan Batman trilogy's history, Hans Zimmer has chosen to fly solo & compose the score for The Dark Knight Rises on his own. At this moment, the full DKR soundtrack is available for preview courtesy of Empire.

Check out this powerful track from The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack & then listen to the complete album here.

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack will be available for purchase as a CD or digital download on July 17th.

Do you think Zimmer's soundtrack will live up to the Batman legacy? Which tracks get you pumped to watch the movie next week? Are any of you going to listen to the soundtrack on your way to the movie? Give us a shout. Let us know!!


[Source: Empire]