Summer Items Now Available on the Marketplace


Tides of War is here & with it we get new summer styles! DCUO has made sure that we can find the best ensemble to chill under the sun or splash in the wave. Take a look:

Dino Swim Ring — 200 Station Cash/$1.99
Like the water, but can't swim? Would you rather float easily along Metropolis' gorgeous waterfront? Then the Dino Swim Ring is for you! This friendly dinosaur will keep you safe in the water & looking good too!

SCUBA Suit — 600 Station Cash/$5.99
If you plan on doing much diving, perhaps to scout out Atlantean Warposts or Mutineer activities, grab this state of the art SCUBA suit! If you're serious about water, you've got to be serious about air. Pick yours up today!

Vanguard of the Deep — 400 Station Cash/$3.99
For those of you who are ready & willing to commit yourselves wholly & truly to the water, we've got the skin for you. Turn your entire body into water & soak up the sunshine. Literally!! Just don't splash too much on your friends. And please remember, we cannot be held responsible for any issues involving or resulting in your body evaporating, freezing, boiling or "running." Thanks in advance for your understanding.


[Source: DCUO]