Batman: Earth One


Batman: Earth One is a new updated origin story of Batman brought to you by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank. This graphic novel brings you an origin story we have never seen before. You really get to see the emotional drive that pushes Bruce to do what he know's he has to do. That is to be Batman, Gary Frank doesn't give you heavy duty armored up Bruce in this book. Instead you see Bruce in the beginning stages really getting a feel for what he's doing. This means sporting combat boots, a cheap suit, and gadget's that need a little bit of fixing up. And when you need fixing up, who do you go to? I won't spoil that for you. But it does give you an idea of the characters you will meet in this book, it is the same characters we have seen before of course but their stories have been re-imagined for the better? for the worse? that is your decision.


  Inner Art

The story by Geoff Johns, I found very easy to read and follow. I could not put this book down, I found myself going from page to page only to meet the back of the book wanting more. The artwork by Gark Frank is really something I did not expect. Flipping through the pages you see lots of dark pages and very few eye popping bright colors. That is what I expect to see in a character that is built around darkness. I think Gary Frank did an amazing job on the art in this book and he has acquired himself a new fan. The cover art to this book is simply awesome. Alfred stand holding an umbrella above young Bruce in the pouring rain. The cover art and the textures they used on the front of this hard cover book is what grabbed my attention to begin with and I'm glad it did. I would recommend any and all who are interested to at least give it a try as I did and form your own opinion. – Glenn Thiltgen


Covert Art