Deadshot Joins Villains List for CW’s Arrow


Not too long ago, a teaser trailer for CW's Arrow revealed Deathstroke's iconic mask. And only a few weeks ago, Arrow executive producers announced that Kelly Hu (Young Justice, Scorpion King, Green Lantern: Emerald KnightsX2: X-Men United) would guest star as villain China White. Now, the CW has confirmed that longtime Batman villain & Suicide Squad member, Deadshot will take on the Emerald Archer in the third episode of the series called "Lone Gunmen." No casting information for the character has been revealed at the moment. 

Someone obviously wants Oliver Queen dead if they've enlisted the services of DC's most formidable assassins. Here's Stephen Amell's (Oliver Queen) take on the announcement:

For those that need a quick update on the villains currently revealed, we'll start with Kelly Hu's character. Chien Na Wei aka China White was the leader of a drug cartel that dominated the South Pacific. She first appeared in the Green Arrow: Year One origin series by Andy Diggle & Jock.

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) is a mercenary & assassin that first appeared in The New Teen Titans in 1980. He was imbued with enhanced physical & mental abilities in an experment developed by the U.S. Military to create metahuman supersoldiers. 

As mentioned earlier, a trailer revealed Deathstroke's iconic mask. For those that were fortunate enough to go to Comic-Con, you were able to see the mask up close & personal.


Deadshot (aka Floyd Lawton) first appeared in Batman in the summer of 1950. Like Deathstroke, he is a formidable assassin that prides himself on his superior marksmanship. He has been a major figure in the Suicide Squad in recent years, where his skills as a marksman & his disregard for human life serve to advance the group's objectives. In the recent New 52 story arc, Deadshot is captured by Batman during the course of a failed assassination & is forced into the latest incarnation of the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller.

It will be interesting to see how Arrow interprets all these characters. Will they maintain their classic look from the comics? (There is a strong possibility they might based upon the teased Deathstroke mask.) Or will they do an alternate, slightly more realistic interpretation as seen in Batman: Gotham Knights, Batman: Arkham City or Smallville?

Arrow debuts on the CW on October 10th.


[Source: GreenArrowTV]