Word came out via Variety that Warner Bros is looking to tone down the violence in the new cartoon series "Beware" (of the Batman).

Enlightened by the events following the Colorado shootings, WB wants to take a closer look at the series.  They've asked for a review of the show's content to ensure they are socially considerate after the tragic events that happened during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Now, no one from WB has commented, but you can rest assured meetings and phone calls have taken place.

My Thoughts: It is a show for kids. But remember, when we were kids we knew when Elmer Fudd was trying to shoot Bugs Bunny it was all fun and games. Do not insult children by treating them with kid gloves. The gunman was clearly not in his right mind and needs psychiatric help.

But I do see WB's side in this situation. They are sensitive to this traumatic event & don't want to draw any bad publicity. It's a tough situation that can put WB between a rock and a hard place.