American Vampire Vol. 1 Review

American Vampire Vol. 1

As you may or may not know Scott Snyder has been working on the new Batman run for DC Comics, the story in those issues has been overwhelming. Scott Snyder, you are hearing his name everywhere now. I hear it in podcasts and I find him mentioned all over the web. But one thing that somehow comes up in all these articles and podcasts is the name American Vampire. There are monsters of all sorts that I absolutely love, but vampires has never been one that has intrigued me. I feel the genre is completely overplayed and honestly I get sick of hearing about it. That is until I told myself "you liked his Batman run thus far why not give his own creation a shot?". So I did, and Scott Snyder (Writer), Stephen King (Writer), Rafael Albuquerque (Artist) all deliver and exceed what I was expecting.


The first volume covers the first fives issues of the ongoing comic which as of today has reached number twenty five. American Vampire was also the winner of the 2011 Eisner award for best new series and on the New York Times bestseller list. It's more of a modern day twist on what you thought you knew about vampires, breaking many of the rules we have learned about vampires from movies and books what have you, throughout the years and brings something new that I found a lot more exciting. There are two writers in this book, one is Scott Snyder whom focuses primarily on the character and story of Pearl Jones. An aspiring actress who's story begins in July of 1925 who finds it not so easy to make it in Los Angeles having been suckered and brutally beaten and left for dead. Something changes Pearl, something changes her forever and fuels the drive to prey on those who have wronged her.

Stephen King who by no means over writes the amazing story that Scott Snyder is also dealing out delivers his story in this book as well, focusing on the storyline of Skinner Sweet beginning with the characters origin. The "Outlaw Killer" Skinner Sweet finds himself in a fight with Percy an when blood splats him in the eye and changes him in more ways than he could ever imagined.

 I'm not going to go into detail on Skinner Sweet a whole lot and ruin the book for those of you who may be reading this and looking to pick it up, but the book is a must have. Scott Snyder proves to me that he can write alongside the notorious Stephen King and do it well, maybe even better. But that is your decision to make. Scott Snyder and Rafael have continued the story of Skinner Sweet and with writing and artwork like this, they have me as a new fan. I'm all in!! 

American Vampire Vol. 1 released by DC/Vertigo and recommended for mature readers. Pick yours up today at ComicBreak


-Glenn Thiltgen