Game Update 18 Patch notes for PC test server


Game Update 18 PC Test Notes

Game update 18 is now available to test for the pc test server, here are the patch notes for the update.

Content Restructuring 
Many Challenges, Duos and Alerts have had their difficulty tiers increased in order to offer a smoother progression and a full range of content availability. In addition, a number of new challenge modes have been added! These higher tiered instances now offer upgraded loot and level appropriate rewards.
Although the amount of available content at the lower tiers was decreased, the time required to progress through any given tier remains or has been decreased due to adjustments in tier item costs.
Challenge Improvements 
Challenge modes can now be accessed through the On-Duty menu. The missions associated with Challenge modes have been removed and are no longer available. If you still have one of these missions in your journal, they can still be completed normally.
Completing a Challenge mode will now award a commendation that grants renown. Using this item increases your standing with that group by 125. Faction commendations may also be purchased from the appropriate faction vendor for 25 Marks of Triumph.
Currency Unification 
Marks of Distinction, Marks of Momentum and Marks of Krypton will no longer be awarded and can no longer be used to purchase items. All Tier 1 through 3 items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph. Content that used to award Marks of Distinction, Momentum and Krypton now awards Marks of Triumph. The number of Marks of Triumphs awarded and the cost to purchase items increases with each tier.
Marks of War are still used to purchase Tier 4 items and are still awarded for success in Tier 4 content.
Currency Conversion 
Marks of Distinction, Marks of Momentum and Marks of Krypton can be converted to Marks of Triumph. You will find a mission in your journal that will point you toward a vendor in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom that offers conversion packages. These convert your old marks into the appropriate number of Marks of Triumph. As an added bonus, you will receive a Token of Merit for every mark converted! There is no cash cost associated with converting. Token of Merit vendors also offer the same conversion package.
Marks of Distinction convert at a rate of 1 for 5. Marks of Momentum convert at a rate of 1 for 10. Marks of Krypton convert at a rate of 1 for 25.
Tier Items 
The purchase of tiered items is now restricted by Combat Rating. The combat rating required to purchase a tiered item is equal to the Combat Rating required to qualify for that content.
Bonus Awards 
You will now receive a Weekly Award box the first time you complete a Tier 1 through Tier 3 challenge, duo or alert within a week. This award box offers a random level appropriate item as well as additional Marks of Triumph. Using replay badges to unlock the instance will also unlock the weekly award.
Furthermore, Tier 2 and Tier 3 raids will award a Monthly Raid Award box. This box includes a random raid level item and additional Marks of Triumph. Like the Weekly Awards, using replay badges to unlock the raid will also unlock the Monthly Raid Award.
Match and Duo/Challenge Boss 
Many Challenge and Duo mode bosses have learned some new tricks! Many will now use familiar weapon combos as well as Block. Their attacks may both inflict and be vulnerable to counter attack mechanics such as Blocking, Interrupt and Block Breaking.
“Match” rank NPCs in solo and duo content, such as Circe’s Bestiamorph Rhinos and the Joker’s Wag goons, now have more Health but do less damage. Many will now use familiar weapon combos as well as Block. These attacks may both inflict and be vulnerable to counter attack mechanics such as Blocking, Interrupt and Block Breaking.
Ace Chemicals
Each Boss in Ace Chemicals has agreed to keep the hallway doors open to ensure their enemies can gain access.
Chemo will no longer stand idly by and stare at you if he doesn't feel like jumping.
Fixed various issues with the Transporting of Supplies.
Fixed an issue where players who were further away from Chemo would sometimes not see him during the Cinematic.
The Supreme Justice will no longer refuse those who wish to enter his chambers.
League of Assassins Stronghold
Ra's al Ghul sharpened the blades in his trap room. They should be much more deadly now.
Watchtower Containment Facility
The System Hacker can now be damaged by all attacks.
Gotham University Museum
Fixed an issue where the Tiger Boss would refuse to jump and attack his enemies.
Metropolis University
Power Girl and Parasite have a brand new exchange at the beginning of their Metropolis University challenge mission.
Marine Life Fossils and Atlantean Artifacts no longer have a required level needed to add them to your collections.
Super powers with a damage component that are usable while controlled may no longer be used while under a control effect that cannot be broken such as counter attacks.
Commendations are now available from factional vendors in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom. These items can be purchased with Marks of Triumph and award renown with those specific factions when used.
Marks of Triumph will now be rewarded or drop in place of Marks of Distinction, Krypton and Momentum. Whenever more than one Mark of Triumph is dropped or mailed, a physical representation of the mark will drop into your inventory that must be used to add the marks to your currency tab.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph.
The cost to purchase Tier 1 iconic armor sets has been reduced.
Tier 2 iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph and require a minimum combat rating of 43 to purchase.
Lightning Strikes DLC iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph and require a minimum combat rating of 53 to purchase.
Tier 3 iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph and require a minimum combat rating of 53 to purchase.
Tokens of Merit Vendor
Tokens of Merit for Marks of Distinction, Momentum, Krypton and War have been replaced by Currency Conversion Packages. These packages contain the same Tokens of Merit as before and also award Marks of Triumph at the following rate: Distinction converts at 1 for 5, Momentum at 1 for 10, Krypton at 1 for 25 and War at 1 for 65.
Cape Carmine Lighthouse
Villain: Nightwing will no longer open the door for you if you are defeated and decide to return for another beat-down.
Metropolis City Hall
Hero: Treasure Chest will now always spawn properly.
Old Gotham Subway
Players should no longer run into an issue where they can not complete the instance.
Removed collision from various invisible objects that may interfere with players in combat.
Pengbot Maximus’ spin attack is now vulnerable to block and causes interrupt.
Pengbot Maximus’ “Beak Attack” which he uses at low health, is now vulnerable to interrupt and causes appropriate damage.
The Novice Guardian's Badge should now have the correct activated effect.
The Prime Battleground Raid should now have a chance of dropping an Unattuned Prime Shield.
Intro to Daily Instances tasks no longer send you to the daily challenge kiosk.
Caging Penguin
The pointer mission no longer sends you to the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom. You now are sent directly to the Penguin Challenge instance.
Deadly Mischief
Hero: The lockers inside the playroom can no longer be targeted.
Hero: Rescued Police Officers should now walk instead of slide after you release them.
Heroes can no longer target the Mainframe they have sworn to protect.
Exobyte Eclipse
Various objects in this instance are no longer targetable.
The First Clue
GCPD officers and Rescued Citizens should now run away instead of de-spawn.
Lunar Eclipse
Players should no longer remain in combat after defeating Zatanna.
Zatanna's beam attack will no longer display an impact particle on a player until zoning out of the instance.
Party Time!
Joker Gas now only affects enemies in the playroom.
Blue Barrels will now freeze enemies.
Rite Wronged
Villain: Deathstroke should no longer be afraid to show himself when you are fighting Bruno Mannheim.
Villain: Batwoman can no longer get knocked off of the alter during your scuffle with Bruno Mannheim.
The Root of Evil
Poison Ivy is no longer camera shy and will appear in all of her camera shots.
Queen of Lies
Aquaman is no longer capable of stopping players from moving for long periods of time.
Absorb heat will now display the proper effects while using a shield weapon.
Snap Trap will now apply damage over time in control role when used from your power tray.
Effects from canine form's ability Sneak are now removed when zoning to a new location.
The Decoy consumable uses white effects to help differentiate it from the new Gadgets Holographic Decoy.
Ace Chemicals: On-Screen Text should now remain in sync with capture point information.
Fortress of Solitude: Once again and forever more, you do not want to be locked in the center room.
Bane, Arkillo, and Kilowog legends are now able to weaponize larger objects, bringing them in line with other legends.
Old Gotham Expert Speedster Challenge:
If you are on the race, NPCs will no longer agro you, as long as you don’t attack, interact, or do anything other than racing. Please note, if you already have NPCs hating and attacking you when you start the race, they will continue to hate you.
Decreased the number of spawns around the Race Start area and along the coastline.
Batcave: The Inner Sanctum
Zetta-Drone should no longer become bitter and prevent groups from advancing if it is defeated quickly.
Fortress of Solitude: Power Core
The first Bosses should no longer occasionally spawn in pairs.
Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus
The Avatar of Magic is no longer open to trickery that allows his enemies to zerg him.
The following instances have been adjusted or added:
Poison Ivy Challenge –> Moved to Tier 2
Metropolis University (Power Girl) Challenge –> Moved to Tier 2
Catwoman Challenge –> Moved to Tier 2
Two-Face Challenge –> Moved to Tier 2
Scarecrow Challenge –> NEW Tier 2
Old Star Labs (Flash Family) Challenge –> NEW Tier 2
Coast City Alert –> Moved to Tier 3
League of Assassins Alert –> Moved to Tier 3
Strykers Island Penitentiary Alert –> Moved to Tier 3
Arkham Asylum Alert –> Moved to Tier 3
Regal Hotel Challenge –> NEW Tier 3
Secret STAR Labs Challenge –> NEW Tier 3
Circe Stronghold Challenge –> NEW Tier 3
Riddler Challenge –> NEW Tier 3
Eclipso Challenge –> NEW Tier 3
Cape Carmine Lighthouse Duo–> Moved to Tier 3
Ferris Aircraft Duo–> Moved to Tier 3
Old Gotham Subway Duo–> Moved to Tier 3
Robin makes an impressive new entry into the fight against Poison Ivy. But, she still seems to have him right where she wants him…under her control!
Weapon Types:
Headbutt has been renamed to Hammer Fist.
Corrected an issue that could prevent comboing from the weapon attack version of Minigun
The Combo Counter is now located at the top of the screen.
New counter attack effects to message block breakers, interrupts and block counters.