The Witching Hour!


Trick…or treat? Game Update 19 features a new seasonal event for Halloween – The Witching Hour! This October, Gotham City is getting a ghoulish makeover, and there are tricks and treats aplenty to go around. Don't miss this exciting new event in DC Universe Online!


Chaos in Gotham City!


Klarion the Witch Boy is stealing the powers of Heroes and Villains throughout the DC Universe and using them to cause quite a bit of Halloween mischief on the streets of Gotham City. Apparitions of all kinds are rising from the earth and tormenting trick-or-treaters. Heroes, it will be up to you to save the civilians, and Villains, well, you should be able to find some way to take…advantage…of the situation.

The Midnight Masquerade!

It's not Halloween without a great, ghoulish costume party, and Klarion is no slouch when it comes to throwing parties. He's taken over a club in the city and casting spells on innocent civilians, forcing them to attend. Whether Hero or Villain, you are going to have good reason to crash this party. Be careful, though. The powers Klarion has stolen are from some of the world's most powerful magic users, and look out for his cat, Teekl, too.


Of course, we have treats to earn throughout the event. You'll find new trinkets, a new pet, and of course a ton of new Halloween-themed styles.

The Witching Hour will soon be available on the PC Test server along with the rest of Game Update 19, and will be moving to live in early October. If you have a Legendary Membership on PC, please come over and try out the new content! If you don't, stay tuned for more information and get ready for when the event goes live. You won't want to miss it!