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First off let me thank KISS IN DIGITAL & PENNRY for posting this on the DCUO forums-


To start off, a mission pops into your journal once your toon reaches level 10. Oracle or Calculator will tell you to go chat with whichever origin mentor you’ll have for this stuff (Will Magnus > all the rest) who will then give a brief summary of how this fits into your storyline. For instance the Meta mentor on villain side discusses the human genome improving upon itself or something. Makes this make sense for RP purposes. Well the important thing is they start you off with 6 plans that allow you to combine your exobits into exobytes and a power alpha that allows you to develop a power mod for your gear.

Plans are in essence recipes. You gain more from drops in every instance imaginable and of course, the harder the instance, the better the plan. There are also basic plans which you can purchase from the vendor next to the research and development machine in each wing. It’s right next to your R&D mentor so pay attention when you’re sent to talk to them (or they’re next to the soder vendor in each wing in the Watchtower and down the ramp opposite the Pit in each wing in the Hall of Doom.) Certain other vendors sell plans as well, look around (especially vendors in instanced cities like Central City.)

Basic plan types:

Aggressive: Increases DPS stats

Support: Increases Support (Healer or Controller) stats

Fortified: Increases Tank stats

Vengeful: Combination plan for Tank and DPS stat increase

Tenacious: Combination plan for Support and DPS stat increase

Durable: Combination plan for Tank and Support stat increase