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Jokers FunHouse Podcast 3 – Court of Owls


Jokers FunHouse Podcast 3 is here and we have the latest news from Gotham City and DC Comics.  We have movie, tv and video game news for the week for batman.  Our feature is "The Court Of Owls", we give you the latest from this great story arc and what is in store for batman.

So welcome to the funhouse and lets get this party started!


JOKERS FUNHOUSE PODCAST 2 – Lets Get This Party Started










Jokers FunHouse Podcast 2 arrives and we bring you all the latest news from Gotham City and the DC Universe.  We dive in to the batbooks for this week, we also cover a in-depth discussion on batman and where is the Justice League Movie?

We dive also into a spotlight on Jokers New 52 storyline or lack there of.  Join in on the circus and have a seat and join us for this weeks show.








Yes!!!! Finally the first Joker’s Funhouse podcast is here!!! Surprise, this has been a long thought out show i have been wanting to do but also to never take away from our dcuounlimited podcast.  The Jokers Funhouse is a podcast to take on all other batman, gotham, catwoman, batgirl , robin podcast!!! 

It’s Joker’s turn to give the latest Gotham news coming from dc comics and dc entertainment.  Each show we will give you the latest happenings from gotham and the pointy ear batfello….. So jump in and join us for this magical moment in podcast history as Joker has his own news podcast.