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20 Responses to Contact Us

  1. skylar says:

    To dcuo
    I am a BIG fan of yall and I only have 2 just 2 questions to ask can yall PLEASE make a water and air power SOON and can u PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEE make a new movement called jump to where u can jump far and high.
    Thanks an please reply

    • Apple says:

      Will pass along to the dev team and see what they can do! :)

      • PrimeKryptonian says:

        Please add Batman (Normal not Future) for Legends PvP, (please respond at email)

        • Babs says:

          Hey PrimeKryptonian!

          I’d love to see a current Batman available for Legends. Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to implement that. (Wish I did!!) We’re fans just like you. 

          I’d suggest hitting the DCUO forums & taking your request there. Mepps & others check them often & if enough people ask who knows what will happen.

          Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


  2. Hey D.C. Universe……. Been a fan for over 30 yrs. I, however, am a screenplay writer. I have one of your greatest heros picked for the next big movies of the year. (Next year.) I would love to submit my script to someone. But don't know who. Please help……..

    • Dazl says:

      well we cant promise anything but if you email us through the contact us page then the least we can do is read it and maybe even discuss it in the next GNR podcast so submit it and we can check it out.

  3. Lil kid says:

    Hi DCU Im 14 and I want to be a game designer and Im already working on my first hero game and I was hoping that you wouldnt mind if you give me a few pointers and a few power ideas please that would really help I already asked city of heroes and they let me down I just need help!

    • Babs says:


      Hello. I’m glad to hear that you want to be a game designer. The world of Digital Design always needs fresh talent to keep the creative wheels turning, but I think you’re under a misconception. We aren’t involved with the creative development or mechanics of the game. (I wish we were!!) We are, just like you, avid players that enjoy a bit of a frolic in the DC Universe. (You should see Apple’s toons if you ever get a chance. He’s a frolicing fool!) DCUO Unlimited is a fansite dedicated to the DC Universe & to the DC Universe Online video game.

      One avenue you can try is contact the artists involved with the game directly. Check out the SOE website, check out the SOE Artists Page, or tweet them at @SOEArtPortal. Don’t get too discouraged if you don’t get a reply. They are extremely busy building new & interesting creative content & sometimes messages do fall through the cracks. 

      Another great place to check out if you have any near you are conventions. Many large multimedia conventions like Comic-Cons, WonderCon & Dragon*Con have Gaming tracks that will have not only special guests that are more than willing to talk shop, but also workshops for those interested in the process. Check out the sites & see if what they may have to offer. If all else fails, I would recommend checking into local colleges & seeing what their digital design paths have to offer. They can give you the education building blocks to really get you started.

      I hope the info helps & I wish you the best of luck. 

      Thanks for the comment!!

  4. anthony says:

    hi, i had a account on the ps3 called MAGICMONEY9, with this i had legendary access. i have had to make a new user on my ps3, is there anyway i can transfer that legendary access over as is has not run out yet,,,
    many thanks

    • Babs says:

      Hello Anthony. I’m not really sure as I am strictly a DCUO PC player. I would check out the DCUO PS3 forums & contact customer service to determine if anything can be arranged.

  5. Prime Kryptonian says:

    Hey guys, i've been thinking that part of being a superhero is having a secret identity, and i think it would be fun if DCUO in character creation would add a secret identity where you select an alter ego name and a  career then move up to it, getting promotions etc. All the fighting the whole time is really boring and i think it would be great to have an alter ego. Also i would like to see Kryptonian and Water powers as well as an aqua swimming movement mode like Aquaman. If the DCUO dev team could see this and ask the players once in a while what they want i think the game would be even greater.

    • Babs says:

      The concept of having an alternate appearance like a secret identity would be pretty cool. It would make for an interesting quest line. Perhaps DCUO may do it in the future. I don’t think DCUO is boring. In fact, I’m finding the Witching Hour content to be a blast. I’m really hoping that they do more events like this in the future.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • DaKwan says:

      I think that would be a lot more fun than just fighting all the time it would add more of a twist to the whole gameplay experience especially if there was a way to expand upon the whole alter ego like you said giving him/her a job and doing that and maybe having your own apartment or home that you can customize to your liking, bringing in more profit for dcuo by having optional items to buy in the store and default items for purchase in the game as well

      • Babs says:

        Hey DaKwan!

        I think that’s part of the reason why they developed the Home Turf DLC. 

        But what I enjoy is that they not only gave you lair/base, but also the ability to do some interesting PVP & a few new trinks & mods. Who knows what else will be on the horizon for DCUO. We may get our secret identities yet.



  6. Sam/ robin says:

    Hey dcuo i was wondering, it would be really cool to have more transformations in nature and also change the wolf to a cheetah, make a bear transformation, or even make you into a almost invisible bug instead of a dog. this is just one idea please look into… ps ive been playing the game since the beginging and still play it constantly to this day!

    • Babs says:

      Hey Sam/ robin!

      You’ve made some great suggestions. Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to implement them. We’re fans just like you. 


  7. Iceodide says:

    i had just got this bud but i think some one hacked my account and lost all my t3 PvP gear and it will take me for everto get it back. and this one i think is a bug my guys persenality changed from serious to flirty so can you pls change it back.

    • Babs says:

      Hey Iceodide.

      Oh man, that sucks! I’m sorry to hear that happened, but there really isn’t too much we can do. The DCUO Unlimited podcast was a fan made podcast dedicated to the game. We don’t have any power to help you out. 

      The best thing you can do is to send a ticket & report the problem. SONY tends to jump into action when they are needed. Let them know what’s going on & if they can help I’m sure they will.

      Sorry I couldn’t offer you more help than that.


  8. dr10ms10 says:

    Are you kidding me? I put millions in your fck game,and you give my permanent bann.Because a player said I hack,was upset that I won that duel and said that, loser.Much money in your game for anything,you gave me ban for nothing.Give me my account back,I put money ther.OK?

    • Babs says:

      Hey dr10ms10.

      Sorry to hear about your experience, but there is nothing we can do. We are players just like you. We don’t have any say in the politics of the game.

      If you think your ban is unfair, then you should contact customer service & challenge it. Other than that, I’m sorry I can’t give you much else in the form of help.

      Good luck!


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