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Secret “Batman Incorporated” Storyline Leaks

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Following the piracy of "Batman" #17 in advance of its release date earlier this week, DC Comics has another leak on its hands. A photo of variant covers for "Batman, Incorporated" #8 has surfaced, nearly two weeks prior to the comic's February 27 release date. The photo shows three variant covers homaging Grant Morrison's "Batman: R.I.P.," with Damian Wayne's Robin standing in for his father, the Dark Knight. Additionally, the letters "R.I.P." appear at the bottom, using Robin's "R" icon, revealing a major spoiler for Morrison's upcoming "Batman, Incorporated" arc, which has been kept under tight wraps by DC. Damian's death as the focus of Morrison's newest arc has been a popular theory on Internet message boards, as Damian is nowhere to be found on the covers for May's Batman-related issues, even on the cover of "Batman and Robin" #19.

The photo comes from the Twitter account of retailer Al Mega, who posted an auction on eBay for "Amazing Spider-Man" #700 weeks before its scheduled release date. Mega's Twitter feed indicates he has access to advance copies of DC's books — on February 8, he posted a photo of a number of issues not set to release until February 20 including "Justice League of America" #1, "Justice League" #17, "Green Lantern: New Guardians" #17 and more.

When approached by CBR News about the leak, DC representatives replied, "No comment."

"Batman Incorporated" #8 is far enough from its release date that retailers shouldn't have received copies from Diamond yet. Retailers who opt-in to Diamond's early delivery typically receive issues on the Tuesday before release, which makes how Mega obtained the issues somewhat of a mystery. Timing-wise, the leak syncs with the "Amazing Spider-Man" #700 leak last year, when scans of the issue popped up online 12 days early, exactly the same amount of time before the issue was scheduled for release.

At the time, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso stated the publisher was investigating the matter.

"It's always disappointing when someone decides to spoil a big story by posting it on the torrents," Alonso told CBR. "Piracy affects fans, creators and retailers who look forward to a big comic book to put some cash in their registers — which 'Amazing Spider-Man #700' definitely will do. The fact that physical copies of the issue exist, but are accessible to a select few, is, of course, alarming."




We are back from SOE Live from Vegas!!! It was a great time and event from SOE and we give you the latest run down of our experiance at this years SOELive event.  We also go into detail about our talk with DCUO devs and info on the new DLC home turf and the future DLC for DCUO in 2013.

So join us as we dive into to DCUO AT SOELive 2012!



Exclusive First Look at the Variant Covers for BATMAN #13

Joker is coming back to DC Comics after a long long abcense.

Below, take an exclusive first look at the issue's variant cover by Aaron Kuder!




Podcast 60 is now live and we get you caught up on dc universe online update 17 and a few more surprises in store.  Along with the latest news we also have some community news and shoutouts.  So join us as the unlimited crew holds court.



Word came out via Variety that Warner Bros is looking to tone down the violence in the new cartoon series "Beware" (of the Batman).

Enlightened by the events following the Colorado shootings, WB wants to take a closer look at the series.  They've asked for a review of the show's content to ensure they are socially considerate after the tragic events that happened during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Now, no one from WB has commented, but you can rest assured meetings and phone calls have taken place.

My Thoughts: It is a show for kids. But remember, when we were kids we knew when Elmer Fudd was trying to shoot Bugs Bunny it was all fun and games. Do not insult children by treating them with kid gloves. The gunman was clearly not in his right mind and needs psychiatric help.

But I do see WB's side in this situation. They are sensitive to this traumatic event & don't want to draw any bad publicity. It's a tough situation that can put WB between a rock and a hard place.





Earlier today, we told you about our panels at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Now, take a look at the schedule for signings with our talent at the DCE booth!


But that’s not all! As a special treat, Jim Lee and Chris Daughtry will be doing a signing together on Friday at 7:30 at the Michael J. Wolf Gallery! And what’s more, the first 50 people in line for this signing will get a free autographed lithograph, drawn by Daughtry and inked by Lee!


Please note that the Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Snyder and Anthony Bourdain signings will require wristbands. Wristbands will be available at the beginning of each day at the DCE booth for that day's signing.




Here are the latest Panels for DC Comics at SDCC by the DC Blog-



10:30–11:30am DC: Talent Search Orientation Session

Moderator: Mark Chiarello

Join DCE’s VP – Art Direction and Design, Mark Chiarello, for an informative orientation session that will explain how DCE’s Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of the DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine brands. If you want to learn what DCE looks for in artists and how to improve your chances of becoming a working professional, then this is the panel for you! In order to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory. (Please note: Not all attendees are guaranteed a one-on-one review.)  Room 4





From DCUO page


Watch live video from sonyonlinetv on TwitchTV



Atlantean and Mutineer frigates in the waters of Metropolis for the summer event, Tides of War!

Coming in Game Update 16, the NEW Legends PvP 5v5 Moon Map!


Month #0: Batman Group Solicits


Late last week, we announced DC Comics #0 Month event. Today, multiple group solicits for the event have been released. 

Earlier, we posted the Justice League group solicits. Here are the Batman group solicits for all you Gothamites out there.


10 Things About The New “Injustice: Gods Among Us” Trailer

(Posted by Charles Webb on MTV.com) I have to admit to being pretty excited about NetherRealm getting their hands on the DCU again after 2008′s Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. This time around, the Mortal Kombatstudio is letting the house that Superman built shine on its own with a one-on-one brawler featuring some of the heavy hitters from the DCU.




The first podcast for Gotham News Radio is here! Join us as we get you caught up on the latest news from DC Comics and the DC Universe.  We also touch on a hot topic from the latest rumors of DC Comics new gay super hero.  We will not shy away from any topic, this is the news and we will cover it!  Gotham News Radio is here!






Well it has been some time since we have updated the website, so we changed it up!  We made a bigger news slider, we give you more options to view both DCUO UNLIMITED and DC UNIVERSE UNLIMITED Facebook Pages.  You can also now follow us on twitter and check out our tweets.

You can now also leave a comment under an article by just signing in using your facebook, or already signed in? you can leave a comment.

We also have videos galore!  check out the bottom of the website for more videos along with middle of the website.  We are adding more and more videos.

We are also growing in staff, along with Apple and Shawn are new comers Glenn, Dazl aka Fredo, and Barbara aka Babs.  We are covering the DC Universe for you.

Our podcast are also growing, Along with the hit show DCUO UNLIMITED, Jokers FunHouse is moving to cover all the villains in the DC Universe of course with the joker himself.  We are adding to our family of podcast, "Gotham News Radio". GNR will cover all the news from Batman and other DC news worthy notes and of course your familiar podcasters apple, shawn, terran, glenn, fredo and babs.

So get ready…..cause here we come!



Legends week



Direct from DCUO’s official Facebook page-


Welcome to Legends Week! Thanks to the impressive efforts of both Heroes and Villains on the EU PC server, we are now able to release more information about the Last Laugh! Who do you see in this picture? [Mepps]

So we get Killowog and Amon Sur, but what are the others?  2 are light powers and the nxt 2 look like Powergirl behind Killo and Urse across, then looks like SwampThing (but you can argue it looks like Arkillo or metallo or even Grundy but from the shadow it looks like swamp thing) and Bazarro across.  Now who is in the middle? this is the great riddle!  who who who can it be?

Black Lighting, Black Adam, John Stewart, etc. we can go on and on but the one thing this figure is doing is flying as you can see him hovering.  Stay tuned as Legends week continues…………



Joker wreaks havoc on facebook!!

Next week is legends week but DCUO needs your help!!. DCUO uses facebook to promote new dlc, thanks to Mepps for always providing info.


Mark Hamill And All-Star VO Cast Return to DCUO

Straight from DCUO Headquarters-


Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the voice cast behind the characters in DC Universe Online’s latest DLC pack — The Last Laugh. The DLC pack features returning voices of some of the biggest stars of DC Universe, including voiceover veterans Mark Hamill (The Joker), Adam Baldwin (Superman) and Arleen Sorkin (Harley Quinn).


The Last Laugh will include an all-new weapon, hours of multiplayer gameplay in the Safe Houses and Headquarters, and new Legends PvP characters:

  • The Shield - Players can unleash this vicious new weapon to bash their opponents, or hurl it to take them down from a distance.
  • Safe House Battles - No one is safe now that heroes and villains can invade each other’s Safe Houses in these four on four battles:
    • Graviton Technology Recovery - Players will be tasked with unscrambling teleporter codes that The Joker has mixed into fragments. Located at the Watchtower or Hall of Doom, players must retrieve eight code fragments to successfully rebuild useable teleporter codes.
    • The Rescue - Heroes must rescue hostages, while Villains will be freeing arrested criminals from opposing Safe Houses.
    • Bomb Disposal - Thanks to The Joker, the encryption on the email terminals have changed and can only be bypassed by the robot he provided. Players must gain control of the robot and either upload the data to their HQ or add new encryption to keep their enemies and The Joker away from it.
  • Headquarter Battles – In this two-part crusade, 16 players — eight heroes and eight villains — will face off for the ultimate player reward. At the request of Superman, heroes must take over the Hall of Doom, while villains, egged on by The Joker, will breach the Watchtower in order to create chaos.
  • Legends Characters - Combat illuminates with the introduction of the first light-powered Legends for multiplayer combat. Players will soon have access to Kilowog, a Green Lantern, and Amon Sur, a member of the Sinestro Corps.  

DCUO’s The Last Laugh DLC pack will be accessible for free for the game’s Legendary members and available for purchase for Free and Premium players via the PlayStation®Network in-game Marketplace, and on the PC via the DCUniverseOnline.com website.