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The Witching Hour!

Trick…or treat? Game Update 19 features a new seasonal event for Halloween – The Witching Hour! This October, Gotham City is getting a ghoulish makeover, and there are tricks and treats aplenty to go around. Don't miss this exciting new event in DC Universe Online!


Chaos in Gotham City!



SOE Live 2012 Registration is Now Open!

From SOE-

Calling all Heroes and Villains. Become the Next Legend at SOE Live! Join us at Bally’s Las Vegas this October for a jam-packed weekend of DC Universe™ Online. Meet members of the DCUO development team, participate in live DCUO events and contests, party into the wee hours with fellow players, and hear the latest and greatest about the game. SOE Live, formerly known as SOE Fan Faire, is a celebration of ALL SOE games and gamers alike, with activities planned for players of ALL ages. With so many legendary events planned, your weekend will be a nonstop adventure!





From DCUO page


Watch live video from sonyonlinetv on TwitchTV



Atlantean and Mutineer frigates in the waters of Metropolis for the summer event, Tides of War!

Coming in Game Update 16, the NEW Legends PvP 5v5 Moon Map!


A Game Lost In A Flash Part 1

Recently i stumbled upon a video on youtube of an unfinished game about The Flash. Well you could imagine the how excited and sad i was that this game never came to be, as a huge Flash fan i viewed the video several times and asked myself how fun would it have been to play this game and why wasnt this awesome game out and what happened. Well it so happens that i was able to get an interview with one of the developers of this game and he gave me the scoop on the best game that never was.



Podcast 58 is locked and loaded!! We got a lot of community news on past shows and our new league pages.  Also DCUO game update 15 is here and lots of things got fixed, we cover the list and how it will affect you and help you.  So press play and join us!


Jens Andersen on the future of DC Universe Online and DC’s New 52 comics

PC Gamer recently interviewed Jens Anderson on hs take on the new 52 and how it may be implemented in DCUO.


Walkthrough: FOS1 The Chasm

Well everyone, here is FOS1 raid, this is the introduction to the Fortress of Solitude raids where you help Superman and Lex Luthor enter The Chasm. Join me and Barbara as we walk you through this raid.


Walkthrough: FOS2 Power Core

Well here it is everyone, one of the hardest raids in the game, The dreaded FOS2, same may ask what the strategy here is, so me and Barbara let you in on the secrets of the fortress of solitude.

update 15

Game update 15 is here!!

game update 15 is here and includes:


New T3 Duo Walkthrough

Hey everyone, its your favorite gadget controller Dazl bringing you another video, this one is for the newly released T3 Duo for The last laugh DLC.


Themyscira: Gates of Tartarus Walkthrough

Hey DCUO players, here is the first installment of another new series of walkthrough videos where doing here at dcuo unlimited, you want to know the skinny and strategy on raids well here is the big one.


DCUO nominated for best MMO game in E3 2012

 This is it! The biggest week in gaming is upon us, and IGN is there in Los Angeles seeing and playing the best games that E3 2012 has to offer. All week they’ll be nominating E3′s most triumphant achievements with our coveted IGN E3 award nods up until Thursday at 6PM Pacific time when we’ll announce the winners. We’ll update this article with new nominations constantly this week, so be sure to check back frequently as we celebrate the best time of year to be a gamer. Read on for our nominees!


Tutorials: Gadgets Controlling

So in a new series here at DCUO unlimted we are gonna start some video segments on power tutorials, today we are going to go in depth into gadgets.


New Last Laugh DLC trailer and launch date

The Last Laugh launches June 19th! Check out the trailer at IGN! 


In depth shield look

 Hi everyone, so I was jumping into the test servers to check out the dlc and figured i would make a video for those who arent able to join the test servers.