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Home Turf Is Live!

From dcuo-

Home Turf Is Live!

DC Universe Online is proud to present Home Turf, our sixth DLC Pack! Home Turf introduces customizable Player Bases, powerful new abilities provided by your Base's Mainframe, action-focused one on one Player vs. Player Lair Battles, engaging new solo story content in iconic Gotham City and Metropolis locations, and loads of new gear and rewards. Watch the brand new trailer below, then log in and start building your very own Base today!



Base Builder’s Weekend and Producer’s Letter!

Hello again everyone,

I wanted to thank all the DC Universe Online fans out there for their support of our latest DLC Pack, Home Turf.  To ensure that we were as responsive to our players as possible, we did something new with the launch of Home Turf – we created discussion threads for each new piece of content or feature in the Developer Discussion section of our official forums.  The designers that owned the content have been monitoring and participating in those discussions, and we've received loads of great feedback.  As a result, we have been able to turn around a couple of server updates with polish, tweaks, and bug fixes in the first few days, with more to come. The discussions are ongoing, so if you haven't yet weighed in, we invite you to do so.  

Base Builder's Weekend

In celebration of the launch of Home Turf, we will be doubling your chances of getting Base loot this weekend.  Simply put, we will double the odds that you will gain Base items when collecting just about any type of loot in the game, starting Saturday.  This means that you're practically guaranteed to get some in Raid content, and close to certain to in Alerts.  So be sure to log in and deck out your Bases.

I'd like to especially thank our US PS3 players for their patience as we dealt with some load-related downtime over the last few days. Those issues are resolved and we're looking forward to a great first weekend. 

Larry Liberty
Executive Producer
DC Universe Online


Seasons Greetings Is Back!

Season's Greedings! Starting December 11th, Larfleeze is back for our Winter seasonal event, and he's not JUST stealing presents this year. In the chaos caused in the wake of his holiday heists, he's managed to put a plan into place for an even more perilous plunder. He has turned his attention to the ongoing battle between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps in Downtown Metropolis, taking Power Rings from the fallen Lanterns and keeping them for himself! And not just one or two rings, no, but as many as his greedy orange mitts can grab!


North East Geek Expo Gearing up!

One of the most amazing things about geek culture is the conventions and expo's. Wether its dressing up as your favorite super hero, dueling others in trading card games or just meeting like minded people, expos and cons is where its at. This year I will have the privelege to attend the North East Geek Expo, In the smallville-esque town of Jefferson, Ohio. The greater Cleveland-Ashtabula area is very much present with geek history from such notables as Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (Createors of Superman) and the famed American Splendor Writer Harvey Pekar. Which makes this area perfect for down to earth conventions and back to basics geek culture. I will be interviewing organizers of the show, panelists and expo goers, so tune in to dcuounlimeted.com to get all the scoop.



We are back from SOE Live from Vegas!!! It was a great time and event from SOE and we give you the latest run down of our experiance at this years SOELive event.  We also go into detail about our talk with DCUO devs and info on the new DLC home turf and the future DLC for DCUO in 2013.

So join us as we dive into to DCUO AT SOELive 2012!



Home Turf: DCUO Announces the Next DLC Pack

Recently, Jens Anderson excitedly announced the newest addition to the DC Universe Online experience. The next DLC will be called Home Turf & will introduce player housing to DCUO. Let's go over some of the main features that have us excited for Home Turf:


Game update 19 is here!


All servers will be offline Wednesday, 10.10.12, beginning at 7:00 AM PDT to launch Game Update 19! Downtime is expected to last about 5 hours. Click here to convert to your timezone. 
Players may notice the following changes:
The Witching Hour
Join us beginning October 16th for The Witching Hour, our new Halloween seasonal event!  Gotham City will be decorated for the season, Klarion the Witch Boy will be causing all kinds of ghoulish trouble, and there will be tricks and treats to be had by all!  


DCUO UNLIMITED's very own Apple and Shawn will be at SOELive and will also host a panel for DC Universe Online.  Following is the panel Apple and Shawn will be one and the rest of the DCUO line up at soelive. -

Come meet Apple and Shawn on Friday October 19th panel-

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PP: Power to The People – Fansites Join representatives from three very different and well-respected fan ventures, DCUO Unlimited, Fanra's EverQuest Wiki and EQII Wire. They'll discuss how they got into running fansites, how they relate to SOE staff and their fellow fans and how they gather information from many sources to form the basis of their offerings. What do they get out of it? This panel is a must for anyone who is interested in running a site, or for those curious as to the how any why! [Apple, Batman expert and founder of DCUO-Unlimited. Sean, a Booster Gold fan and contributor to DCUO-Unlimited since 2009. Fanra, of Fanra's EverQuest Wiki. Morgan Feldon, EQ2Wire and EQ2U. Palace 2


Friday October 19th-

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM DCUO: Meet The Devs Meet the DCUO development team and join them in a discussion on all things DCUO. (Jens Andersen, Creative Director; Jesse Benjamin, Design Director; Mark Halash, Lead Systems Designer) Palace 3/4/5
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM DCUO: The Next Big Thing Join the DCUO development team for a special announcement and a discussion on an important new feature! (Jens Andersen, Creative Director; Jesse Benjamin, Design Director; Larry Liberty, Executive Producer) Palace 1
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM DCUO Live Quest Join us for the second DCUO Live Quest – spandex optional but always fashionable! Declare your allegiance by joining a live version of DCUO's Legends PvP Arenas. Groups of 10 will battle for Las Vegas as their favorite DC Heroes and Villains! Palace 3/4/5
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PP: Advanced PvP in DCUO Prepare to dominate your PvP game in DCUO! This presentation will incorporate video and slides crafted by veteran DCUO players. [Ryan Armendariz has been at the forefront of educating players (and Devs, he maintains) on various PvP mechanics in DCUO. Bryce Wong, aka "JT," intially focused on PvE progression but soon began to explore and excel in PvP. Kevin Lehrfield, known as "Slob" by too many, quickly became one of the strongest players in game, albeit one of the least vocal... until now.] Palace 1


Saturday October 20th-

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM DCUO: The Evolution of PVP in DCUO A fascinating look at the hisorty and future of PvP in DC Universe Online! (Jesse Benjamin, Design Director; Mark Halash, Lead Systems Designer; Steve Wyckoff, Programmer Palace 2
1:30 PM – 5:30 PM DCUO Legends PVP Tournament Heroes! Villains! Pair up with a friend or forge a last-minute two-person team at the event to battle for supremacy! Grand Ballroom
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM DCUO: Combat in DCUO – Real-time Dynamic Combat on a Massive Scale Join our discsussion covering Powers, Weapons and more, this talk goes over what DCUO does well and where we plan to improve combat going forward. (Jesse Benjamin, Design Director; Mark Halash, Lead Systems Designer; Larz Smith, Senior Programmer; Steve Wyckoff, Programmer) Palace 3/4/5



We are back!!! Podcast 62 we dive into the latest news from DCUO and talk about SOELive!!  Join us for this exciting new episode.




New weapon style packs are now available in the Marketplace!

Fiery Weapon Style Pack

Is it getting hot in here? Smoke the competition with these Fiery weapon styles!This pack includes: Fiery Blade, Fiery Staff, Fiery Bludgeon, Fiery Shield, Fiery Bow, Fiery Rifle, Fiery Cestus, Fiery Blasters, Fiery Claws, Fiery Axes, Fiery Pistols, These items are redeemable for every character on the account, and they are not tradeable. The color of these items is not affected by your color palette.

Voltaic Weapon Style Pack

Shock your friends and blitz your enemies with these exciting Electricity weapon styles! This pack includes: Voltaic Blade, Voltaic Staff, Voltaic Bludgeoner, Voltaic Shield, Voltaic Bow, Voltaic Rifle, Voltaic Cestus, Voltaic Blasters, Voltaic Claws, Voltaic Axes, Voltaic Pistols These items are redeemable for every character on the account, and they are not tradeable. The color of these items is not affected by your color palette.



by dazl


Expect Hand of Fate & Downtime for Server Hotfix on September 13th


For those that were checking out DCUO's twitter feed (@DCUO) yesterday (09.12.2012), you are well aware that Hand of Fate hit a technical snafu & was not able to release yesterday. But fear not, DLC 5 is due for release today!!
All servers will be offline Thursday, 09.13.12, starting at 9AM PDT (11AM CDT/12PM EDT) for a hotfix! The expected downtime will last approximately 2 hours.
The following changes will be put into effect:


Superman and Zod Coming to PvP

Play Legends PvP as the Man of Steel or as his nemesis! Superman and General Zod are coming soon to the Marketplace!




Game Update 18 Patch notes for PC test server

Game Update 18 PC Test Notes

Game update 18 is now available to test for the pc test server, here are the patch notes for the update.


5th DLC Announced!!!


Hand of fate producers letter
Hello everyone,
I'm pleased to announce DC Universe Online's next DLC Pack – Hand of Fate! This marks our fifth DLC Pack, and it is unlike anything we've offered to date. It brings a whole new type of gameplay designed from the ground up to draw players out into our iconic, open-world cities, Gotham City and Metropolis. Featuring loads of side missions and a whole new type of group mission we call Operations, Hand of Fate will enrich our massive open world areas in unexpected ways, deepening and enlivening the game as players encounter not just the world and its challenges, but each other along the way. We are also excited to introduce Utility Belt Attachments. This handy item greatly expands loadout options and makes it viable to use more trinkets, toys, and consumables – ultimately opening the door to more fun and deeper tactics. Personally, I could never justify keeping a toy equipped when I played, no matter how fun it was, but now it's easy to have one at the ready. Read on for details!

DCUO Legends is now available in 3 trade paperbacks

The complete DC Universe Online Legends Comic is now available in three trade paperback volumes! Experience the DCUO adventure in a whole new way in this comic series inspired by the game.