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Earlier today, we told you about our panels at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Now, take a look at the schedule for signings with our talent at the DCE booth!


But that’s not all! As a special treat, Jim Lee and Chris Daughtry will be doing a signing together on Friday at 7:30 at the Michael J. Wolf Gallery! And what’s more, the first 50 people in line for this signing will get a free autographed lithograph, drawn by Daughtry and inked by Lee!


Please note that the Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Snyder and Anthony Bourdain signings will require wristbands. Wristbands will be available at the beginning of each day at the DCE booth for that day's signing.



Walkthrough: FOS1 The Chasm

Well everyone, here is FOS1 raid, this is the introduction to the Fortress of Solitude raids where you help Superman and Lex Luthor enter The Chasm. Join me and Barbara as we walk you through this raid.


Walkthrough: FOS2 Power Core

Well here it is everyone, one of the hardest raids in the game, The dreaded FOS2, same may ask what the strategy here is, so me and Barbara let you in on the secrets of the fortress of solitude.


New T3 Duo Walkthrough

Hey everyone, its your favorite gadget controller Dazl bringing you another video, this one is for the newly released T3 Duo for The last laugh DLC.


Warner Bros. Announces New DC Game From NetherRealm





Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment & NetherRealm Studios unveiled Injustice: Gods Among Us, a superhero fighting game set in the DC Universe.


SOE WEBCAST: It’s time to talk about DC Universe Online

Watch live video from sonyonlinetv on TwitchTV


Podcast 46 – We go free 2 play!!! …. Wait…We were always free?


Podcast 46- We are free to play!  to mark this time in DCUO history we go black.  not in a bad way but to celebrate the beginning of a new era! or i could of just forgot to put dcuo unlimited in the pic??!!! 

Hey look over there!!!

Join us for this week’s show as we talk about the latest news from DC UNIVERSE ONLINE and the latest from the dcuo community.


DCUO F2P November 1st



today during the DC Universe Online developer live-cast, SOE announced that DCUO will go F2P next Tuesday, November 1st. If you missed it, you can watch the webcast here: http://www.stickam.com/sonyonline.



Legendary Access requires the purchase of a monthly game pass (subscription) ($14.99/month) or the SOE All Access pass (subscription) ($19.99/month). At the time the game transitions to free-to-play, all existing DCUO accounts with active paid subscriptions will be granted Legendary Access. Legendary Access will also be granted to any player that activates a 30-day free subscription associated with a purchased copy of the DCUO base game software. Legendary Access will automatically convert to Premium Access at the end of the subscription period if it is not renewed. Additional items and features (e.g., in-game marketplace items and additional inventory slots) are not included and must be purchased separately.

At the time the game is transitioned to free-to-play, all existing DCUO accounts with inactive subscriptions will be granted Premium Access. After the game is transitioned to free-to-play, Premium Access will be granted to any player that spends at least U.S. $5.00 (or the foreign equivalent) or 500 Station Cash on items in the DCUO in-game marketplace, or that purchases a DCUO DLC Pack. Premium Access does not expire.

Provides basic access to the game with limited content and features. DLC Packs and other items and features are not included and must be purchased separately.





Podcast 42 – What you mean free?

Podcast 42- So whats the big news???????  Well DC Universe Online is Free!!!!!!!!!! in October, so before october gets here we got a lot to discuss and go through this weeks news of the week…Which of course is huge news.  and we have the latest on update 5 and some community news.

00:00:00 Opening

00:01:22 Intro

00:09:22 News Of The Week

00:35:10 Lifetime Sub discussion

00:49:35 Game Update 5

00:52:48 DCUO Community Summit/ Flash Nugget

00:58:00 Ending



Podcast 39 – DCUO update 4 and Who can speak right in this show?

Podcast 39 is here! In this weeks show we dive into dcuo's new update 4 and a possiable release date for the new DCUO's DLC Fight For The Light!  the crew is all back to break down update 4 and we give you a little rant of what you see from hollywood movies.




Take a look of our video insider look of SDCC 2011. more to come:


Podcast 36 – Two Facein’ it in Endgame

Podcast 36 – Is here and we go right in on the latest news from DC Universe Online.  We get you covered in dcuo's endgame.  we cover how you begin and what gear to look for.  it may also seem that with san diego around the corner we might have some updated news coming from DCUO.




Podcast 35 – Are you a Green Lantern?

Podcast 35 – We are still covering our Going Green Campaign.  We talk about the latest updates from dc universe online and we go into the jokers funhouse with your reviews of the green lantern movie and we give you our opinions on the film also. 


DC AFTERDARK Podcast 2 – Who hit the reset button?

DC AFTERDARK is back! We go over DC Comics Big News on relaunching all DC titles and droping 52 titles in september.  we go over all 52 books and teams and what is the future of DC Comics.  We also talk about the latest news and rumors from the set of the DARK KNIGHT RISES. Last we hit talk about the green lantern video game and the highly anticipated Batman ArkhamCity.  And finally we make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! IT'S HUGE!!!!



New Ra’s al Ghul video

So you guy's wanted to see some Ra's al Ghul video?  Well ok we here at DCUO-Unlimited will oblige!!!