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Here are the latest Panels for DC Comics at SDCC by the DC Blog-



10:30–11:30am DC: Talent Search Orientation Session

Moderator: Mark Chiarello

Join DCE’s VP – Art Direction and Design, Mark Chiarello, for an informative orientation session that will explain how DCE’s Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of the DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine brands. If you want to learn what DCE looks for in artists and how to improve your chances of becoming a working professional, then this is the panel for you! In order to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory. (Please note: Not all attendees are guaranteed a one-on-one review.)  Room 4



Get “Justice League: The Complete Series” for Over Half Off

The folks at Amazon are giving all of us Justice League fans a sweet deal. Usually, Justice League: The Complete Series retails for $99.98. but until July 7th, the series is on sale for $44.99. That's 55% off the original price for all 15 discs!!! 

update 15

Game update 15 is here!!

game update 15 is here and includes:


Podcast 51 – The Silver Age Begins

Podcast 51





Podcast 51 – The Silver Age begins now!  Join us for the latest news from DC Universe Online, we got the latest notes and updates.  We also go through an in depth break down of dcuo’s R&D system.  We also strike back at those that strike against us!  We issue a challenge to all our listeners/fans/followers to rate us in iTunes.  This is one show you do not want to miss!




Riddlers first clue to Podcast 50!


So the Unlimited crew is gearing up for show 50th but Riddler and Joker have a few surprises for DCUO UNLIMITED Fans.  Follow the Clues!!!

First clue is for Date of recording…..



SOE Official release:

SAN DIEGO – March 13, 2012 - Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today announced that the third downloadable content (DLC) pack for DC Universe Online (DCUO), The Battle for Earth, is now available for download on the PC and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Featuring an all-new Earth Powers set, and new multiplayer and open-world content, The Battle for Earth delivers legendary adventures as players prepare for the ultimate showdown with Brainiac.


"Players have been battling hard in the war against Brainiac and it’s thrilling to see the fight reach its most climactic moment in this DLC Pack," said Jens Andersen, DCUO Creative Director, Sony Online Entertainment. "The Battle for Earth introduces a great new story twist, the amazing new Earth Powers set and more incredible new adventures for both solo and group play. We can’t wait for players to jump in and experience it all."



Podcast 42 – What you mean free?

Podcast 42- So whats the big news???????  Well DC Universe Online is Free!!!!!!!!!! in October, so before october gets here we got a lot to discuss and go through this weeks news of the week…Which of course is huge news.  and we have the latest on update 5 and some community news.

00:00:00 Opening

00:01:22 Intro

00:09:22 News Of The Week

00:35:10 Lifetime Sub discussion

00:49:35 Game Update 5

00:52:48 DCUO Community Summit/ Flash Nugget

00:58:00 Ending



Podcast 40 – System going down in 3…2….1


Podcast 40 is live…(system going down in 3mins)…OMG! server is going down soon so we gotta hurry, in this show we Cover all the latest news from DC Universe Online and ..(system going down in 2mins) ..omg! whats up with the megaservers??? we also ask for your questions via twitter, facebook and emails. (system going down in 1min)…..Holy Crap….i’m still in a Raid, HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!! ….Disconnected>>>>>>>>>>

Apple: Well i guess i can go play on our twitter?

Shawn: I’m gonna play cityville!

Terran: I’m gonna go play something of Star Wars…

Bhudda: i’m going to read my comic books……

Apple: ………The servers going down SUCKS!!!!!!!!!


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Podcast 39 – DCUO update 4 and Who can speak right in this show?

Podcast 39 is here! In this weeks show we dive into dcuo's new update 4 and a possiable release date for the new DCUO's DLC Fight For The Light!  the crew is all back to break down update 4 and we give you a little rant of what you see from hollywood movies.




Take a look of our video insider look of SDCC 2011. more to come:


Podcast 36 – Two Facein’ it in Endgame

Podcast 36 – Is here and we go right in on the latest news from DC Universe Online.  We get you covered in dcuo's endgame.  we cover how you begin and what gear to look for.  it may also seem that with san diego around the corner we might have some updated news coming from DCUO.



dc_universe_online on dcuounlimited

DCUO’s facebook giveaway! Details inside

DC Universe Online is running a little contest on their facebook page and here are the details-

How To Enter: To enter and participate in the giveaway, send an email no later than the 59th minute of each day during the giveaway to SOEContests@soe.sony.com with the subject line “DCUO Trivia ”, and the following in the body of your email:
(i) your first and last name;
(ii) your email address;
(iii) the country in which you reside; and
(iv) the answer to the question.

You will be disqualified if you do not provide us with your e-mail address because we must use it, and not Facebook messaging of any kind, to contact you if you win a prize.”

If you are contacted about a potential prize, you must respond to our email within three (3) days or you will be disqualified and the prize will be awarded to someone else. You may enter one (1) time per hour during the giveaway period.

SOE will draw one (1) winner per day during the promotion period from eligible entries to receive prizes as follows:

June 28, 2011: DCUO key art poster – $14.99
June 29, 2011: DCUO Hat – $19.99
June 30, 2011: DCUO key art poster – $14.99
July 1, 2011: DCUO Hat – $19.99
July 2, 2011: DCUO key art poster – $14.99
July 3, 2011: DCUO Hat – $19.99
July 4, 2011: DCUO key art poster – $14.99
July 5, 2011: DCUO Hat – $19.99
July 6, 2011: DCUO key art poster – $14.99
July 7, 2011: DCUO Hat – $19.99
July 8, 2011: DCUO key art poster – $14.99
July 9, 2011: DCUO Hat – $19.99

SOE will draw one (1) grand prize winner from previous day winners during the promotion period from eligible entries to receive prizes as follows:

  • In-game NPC created for the winners
  • Play time with the DCUO Development Team

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Limit one (1) entry per 24 hours per Facebook account. Open to everyone eighteen (18) and over; void where prohibited, in countries embargoed by the US, and in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and India. Begins at 12:00AM PDT on June 28th, 2011 and ends at 11:59PM PDT on July 9th, 2011. See the Official Rules for details. Promotion sponsored by Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE). This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Any information that you provide while participating in this promotion is to SOE and not to Facebook. The information that you provide will only be used to contact you in case you are chosen as a winner.


Podcast 35 – Are you a Green Lantern?

Podcast 35 – We are still covering our Going Green Campaign.  We talk about the latest updates from dc universe online and we go into the jokers funhouse with your reviews of the green lantern movie and we give you our opinions on the film also. 


DC AFTERDARK Podcast 2 – Who hit the reset button?

DC AFTERDARK is back! We go over DC Comics Big News on relaunching all DC titles and droping 52 titles in september.  we go over all 52 books and teams and what is the future of DC Comics.  We also talk about the latest news and rumors from the set of the DARK KNIGHT RISES. Last we hit talk about the green lantern video game and the highly anticipated Batman ArkhamCity.  And finally we make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! IT'S HUGE!!!!



Robin coming to Arkham City

We learned that Robin will come as a pre order bonus when you buy batman arkham city from best buy. 
you can only use him in challenge maps. 


Robin is the name of several fictional characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, originally created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, as a junior counterpart to DC Comics superhero Batman. The team of Batman and Robin is commonly referred to as the Dynamic Duo or the Caped Crusaders.

The first incarnation of the character, Dick Grayson, debuted in Detective Comics #38 (April 1940). Conceived as a vehicle to attract young readership, Robin garnered overwhelmingly positive critical reception, doubling the sales of the Batman related comic books.[1] The early adventures of Robin included Star Spangled Comics #65-130 (1947–1952), which was the character's first solo feature. As Robin, Dick Grayson made regular appearances in Batman related comic books and other DC Comics publications from 1940 through the early 1980s until the character set aside the Robin identity and became the independent superhero Nightwing.

Following the retirement of Dick Grayson as Robin, a new version of the character, Jason Todd, debuted in Batman #357 (1983). The new character made regular appearances in Batman related comic books until 1988, when the character is murdered by the Joker in A Death in the Family (1989). Jason would later find himself alive after a reality changing incident, inevitably becoming the Red Hood.

The premiere Robin limited series was published in 1991, featuring the third incarnation of the character, Tim Drake, training to earn the role of Batman's junior partner. Following two successful sequels, the monthly Robin ongoing series began in 1993 and ended in early 2009, which also helped Robin's transition from sidekick to a superhero in his own right.

After the forced retirement of Tim Drake (by his father) as Robin, Drake's on-and-off girlfriend, and an established DC Comics character named Stephanie Brown (alternatively known as the Spoiler) became the fourth incarnation of Robin and the first in-continuity female version of the character. However, shortly after her acquisition of the Robin mantle, Stephanie was stripped of the identity by Batman and was apparently killed by the supervillain Black Mask in the crossover Batman: War Games (2004). It has since been revealed that her death was a ruse and she eventually returned to resume her previous identity before becoming the sixth Batgirl. Following the "death" of Stephanie, the Tim Drake character reclaimed his former role as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

In the final issue of Battle for the Cowl, Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne becomes the new Robin after rescuing Tim from death, with Grayson becoming the new Batman. Tim Drake later takes on the identity of Red Robin.