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Here are the latest Panels for DC Comics at SDCC by the DC Blog-



10:30–11:30am DC: Talent Search Orientation Session

Moderator: Mark Chiarello

Join DCE’s VP – Art Direction and Design, Mark Chiarello, for an informative orientation session that will explain how DCE’s Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of the DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD Magazine brands. If you want to learn what DCE looks for in artists and how to improve your chances of becoming a working professional, then this is the panel for you! In order to have your work reviewed, attendance at this orientation session is mandatory. (Please note: Not all attendees are guaranteed a one-on-one review.)  Room 4



Jokers FunHouse Podcast 3 – Court of Owls


Jokers FunHouse Podcast 3 is here and we have the latest news from Gotham City and DC Comics.  We have movie, tv and video game news for the week for batman.  Our feature is "The Court Of Owls", we give you the latest from this great story arc and what is in store for batman.

So welcome to the funhouse and lets get this party started!


DCUO F2P November 1st



today during the DC Universe Online developer live-cast, SOE announced that DCUO will go F2P next Tuesday, November 1st. If you missed it, you can watch the webcast here: http://www.stickam.com/sonyonline.



Legendary Access requires the purchase of a monthly game pass (subscription) ($14.99/month) or the SOE All Access pass (subscription) ($19.99/month). At the time the game transitions to free-to-play, all existing DCUO accounts with active paid subscriptions will be granted Legendary Access. Legendary Access will also be granted to any player that activates a 30-day free subscription associated with a purchased copy of the DCUO base game software. Legendary Access will automatically convert to Premium Access at the end of the subscription period if it is not renewed. Additional items and features (e.g., in-game marketplace items and additional inventory slots) are not included and must be purchased separately.

At the time the game is transitioned to free-to-play, all existing DCUO accounts with inactive subscriptions will be granted Premium Access. After the game is transitioned to free-to-play, Premium Access will be granted to any player that spends at least U.S. $5.00 (or the foreign equivalent) or 500 Station Cash on items in the DCUO in-game marketplace, or that purchases a DCUO DLC Pack. Premium Access does not expire.

Provides basic access to the game with limited content and features. DLC Packs and other items and features are not included and must be purchased separately.








Starting today Comixology is running a 2-day sale on all dc universe online digital comic books.  If you have not had a chance to read the series, now it’s time and it’s on sale!!  .99 Cents each! so head over to the link and start your weekend right with DCUO.



Podcast 42 – What you mean free?

Podcast 42- So whats the big news???????  Well DC Universe Online is Free!!!!!!!!!! in October, so before october gets here we got a lot to discuss and go through this weeks news of the week…Which of course is huge news.  and we have the latest on update 5 and some community news.

00:00:00 Opening

00:01:22 Intro

00:09:22 News Of The Week

00:35:10 Lifetime Sub discussion

00:49:35 Game Update 5

00:52:48 DCUO Community Summit/ Flash Nugget

00:58:00 Ending



Podcast 39 – DCUO update 4 and Who can speak right in this show?

Podcast 39 is here! In this weeks show we dive into dcuo's new update 4 and a possiable release date for the new DCUO's DLC Fight For The Light!  the crew is all back to break down update 4 and we give you a little rant of what you see from hollywood movies.




Take a look of our video insider look of SDCC 2011. more to come:


New Green Lantern Screenshots – SDCC 2011 Coverage


San Diego Comic Con 2011 is full of Green Lantern Fight for the Light DLC information. Here we see a ton of new screen shots from this new DLC.



Also check out these new screen shots of content already available on DC Universe Online.



New Green Lantern DLC Trailer – SDCC 2011 Coverage

Brand new trailer came out of SDCC 2011. Check out the awesome action with the new Light Powers available only with the Fight for the Light DLC coming later this Summer.




Interview with Jens Anderson – SDCC 2011 Coverage


July 20 2011, San Diego Comic Con Preview Night

Our illustrius leader Apple has an exclusive interview with Creative Director Jens Anderson from DC Universe Online. Come join us as we learn all about the new Green Lantern DLC Fight for the Light.

Check back often as we get more updates from Apple at San Diego Comic Con 2011.

DC Universe™ Online - The Official Game Page (8)

Clue #5 Update – DCUO Seeking Green – Here’s your chance to win a FREE copy of DCUO Fight For The Light DLC Pack

The final clue has been posted on Facebook. Check out the list of clues and see if you can figure out what the URL is to enter and win the DCLU Fight for the Light.

Update: Clue #5:

Update: Clue #4:


Update: Clue# 3 has been revealed:


Update: Clue #2 has been posted:

Clue #2: Seeing green on the WALL of the DCUO publisher's site can be SOE rewarding!


The Official DCUO Facebook page is running a contest to win a free copy of "Fight for the Light" DLC for DC Universe Online.

Here are the rules:

"Seeking Green can be rewarding! Find out how.  Join the online Seeking Green scavenger hunt! 

Find out more on the DC Universe™ Online Fight For The Light DLC Pack and get a chance to win a digital copy when it’s released (PC or PlayStation®3 system)!

Your journey to fighting alongside the Guardians of the Light starts here. Each day a new destination will be posted below that leads you to a page where a clue can be found.  At the end of the contest, decode the clues to uncover a secret webpage that shows you how you can enter for a chance to win a free copy of DCUO DLC pack for the PC or PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The search begins July 20, 2011 at 12:01am PT and ends July 31, 2011 at 11:59pm PT. Seeking Green starts now!"

Here is the first clue:

"Clue #1: Seek a photo on the page where you can find the latest updates about DCUO. It may be right in front of your FACE."

See the original post here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/dc-universe-online-the-official-game-page/dcuo-seeking-green-heres-your-chance-to-win-a-free-copy-of-dcuo-fight-for-the-li/10150715875675717

Check back here for more information as we find out.

Avatar DCUO 37

Podcast 37 – The Dynamic Duo


Podcast 37 – We are back but we are down a man (our fearless leader is preping for SDCC). A lot of information has come out of DCUO after the SOE Fan Faire. Catch all of the exciting news and even learn a what is up with DragonD's Vade Mecum (trust us, it sounds worse then it is).





Producer Letter 07-12-11 [Lorin "DeadMeat" Jameson, Executive Producer]

Lorin "DeadMeat" James posted to the official DC Universe Online Facebook page some clarifications to the new DLC "Fight for the Light". In his post he went into detail about the concurrent development of this "optional" update along with the free updates we have seen released so far. 

He wrote this specifically to put to rest the fear that any new content coming out will be paid content. That is not the case. Update 4 is almost ready to be released and it will be completely free to current subscribers. The Paid DLC "Fight for the Light" and other future paid DLC will be supplemental add-ons for those who want more variety to their gameplay. 

His final reassurance was that the free content will continue to come. That is happy news no matter how you slice it.

Facebook Link


The DragonD vade mecum – On Your Marks…. (A DCUO Currency Guide)

For those of you who don't know what a vade mecum is here you go: 


va·de me·cum
[vey-dee mee-kuhm, vah-]  
–noun, plural va·de me·cums.
1. something a person carries about for frequent or regular use.
2.a book for ready reference; manual; handbook.
Origin: 1620–30;  < Latin vāde mēcum  literally, go with me

So let me "go with you" and let you know all I know about Marks in DCUO.

On Your Marks…


Besides cash (which is used to purchase regular items and repair your gear) there is another form of currency in DC Universe Online which could be quite confusing. These other forms of currency are called Marks. There are 5 different forms of marks:

  • The Mark of Victory
  • The Mark of Triumph
  • The Mark of Distinction
  • The Mark of Legend
  • The Mark of Allegiance (CORRECTION from Mr. Abi: these have been eliminated, now replaced with Marks of Triumph)


Each of these marks is collected to purchase something different and each has its own specific "mission" type to gain them.


Before I go into detail on what each mark does and how you obtain them I wanted to give congratulations to those of you who had characters created before the PSN and SOE hacking downtime. Those who couldn't log in and place your character during that time made off pretty well. Both PS3 and PC users got 30 marks of distinction for each character that was affected. If you were a lifetime member you got an extra 10 marks of distinction. About 2 weeks after the network came back up there were server issues and they rewarded users with 7 marks of distinction.


Welcome back:


Shock to the System:


So for free you essentially got up to 47 Marks of Distinction for free just for having a character on DCUO prior to SOE going down.


Here is what each mark is used for:


Marks of Legend are awarded for participating in PVP Matches, either Arena PVP or Legends PVP. Two are granted upon a win, and one per loss. A few additional Marks of Legend are awarded from the introductory quests which lead you to Legends PVP.

This is what you can buy and how much it will cost:

  • Nightwing – 35 Marks
  • Harley Quinn – 10 Marks (Free for Villain Characters)
  • The Joker – 70 Marks
  • Bane – 55 Marks
  • Huntress – 10 Marks
  • Robin – 10 Marks (Free for Hero Characters)
  • Catwoman – 70 Marks
  • Two-Face – 70 Marks


Marks of Allegiance can be used to purchase cosmetic gear, enhanced consumables, and Marks of Triumph from the three faction vendors in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom.

No. of Marks Gear Slot

  • 3 Soder Cola MK-30
  • 10 (trusted) Faction Emblem, Mark of Triumph
  • 11 (friendly) Back
  • 13 (frd,coop) Gloves, Belt
  • 14 (coop) Boots
  • 15 (favorable) Shoulders
  • 16 (favorable) Head
  • 17 (friendly) Legs
  • 19 (trusted) Chest
  • 128 Full suit, including emblem

Players receive 2 Marks of Allegiance for each Challenge Mode daily, and 1 for each Stryker Island daily.

A few Marks of Distinction are also awarded by quests which introduce players to raids.

Not including one-time awards, you can achieve 15 Marks of Allegiance per day.


Now the rest of the Marks are for building End Game Iconic Battle Suits. I will go into detail in a later post on what each one does and I will include pictures!


The Mark of Victory is for the PVP battle suits.

You gain Marks of Victory through Arenas PvP and Legends PvP:

  • Arenas PvP
  • Win – 2x Mark of Victory, 2x Mark of Legends, 50 Influence + 1 Influence per every Kill or Assist
  • Loss – 1x Mark of Victory, 1x Mark of Legends, 25 Influence + 1 Influence per every Kill or Assist
  • Legends PvP
  • Win – 2x Mark of Victory, 2x Mark of Legends, 50 Influence + 1 Influence per every Kill or Assist
  • Loss – 1x Mark of Victory, 1x Mark of Legends, 25 Influence + 1 Influence per every Kill or Assist


The Mark of Triumph is for Tier 1 PVE battle suits.

To gain Marks of Triumph you have the most amount of variety in the activities you can do.

Daily Specials:

  • Stared Duo – Rewards: 1x Mark of Distinction
  • Stared Hard Alert - Rewards: 2x Mark of Distinction


  • Gotham University
  • Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph 
  • Cape Carmine Lighthouse
  • Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph
  • HIVE Base
  • Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph + 1x Mark of Allegiance for killing the box in the room with the Ambush Bug
  • OMAC Base
  • Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph + 1x Mark of Allegiance for interacting with the Defective OMAC and then killing it
  • Gorilla Grodd’s Lab
  • Rewards: 2x Marks of Triumph

Hard Alerts:

  • Ace Chemicals
  • Rewards: 4x Marks of Triumph
  • Stryker’s Island
  • Rewards: 6x Marks of Triumph
  • Area 51
  • Rewards: 4x Marks of Triumph
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Rewards: 6x Marks of Triumph
  • Smallville
  • Rewards: 6x Marks of Triumph
  • Watchtower Containment Facility
  • Rewards: 4x Marks of Triumph
  • Hall of Doom Armoury
  • Rewards: 4x Marks of Triumph


The Mark of Distinction is for Tier 2 PVE battle suits.

Marks of Distinction can only be gained consistently though doing Raids. You do have the option of doing daily Duos and Hard Alerts which are indicated by Stars in the selection screen.

Here is the frequency of each activity:

  • Completing a star-marked Duo 1 – Daily
  • Completing a star-marked Hard Alert 2 – Daily
  • Defeating a boss in a Raids – 3 Weekly
  • Completing missions or briefings found in raids and tougher hard alerts 



  • Khandaq
  • Rewards: 13x Marks of Distinction
  • Batcave Outer Caverns
  • Rewards: 10x Marks of Distinction
  • Batcave Inner Sanctum
  • Rewards: 10x Marks of Distinction


Finally something I didn't see many people speaking of before was you can actually gain a Mark of Triumph in the Vault every day once you get to level 30. Just one more reason to get into the vault at least every day. This may also mean that you can buy extra vault tickets and get a Mark of Triumph for each one.

Ever wonder what a Mark of Triumph looked like in the real world?

So go forth with this information and excel at DC Universe Online. Get your Iconic Gear and impress your friends. On your marks…. get set…. GO!


"Booster Gold Approved!"

Fight for the Light

We are the Green Lantern Corps – Fight For The Light

Star Labs Alert

Coming out of SOE Fan Faire there was a big announcement made about DC Universe Online that will make a lot of people happy. They finally announced that the power set "Light" (which was in early beta but taken out for the release) will be introduced to the game for players who purchase the DLC "Fight for the Light". The cost will be $9.99 on PC and PS3 (yes I believe you have to buy it twice). 
There will be two ways for your character to gain the Light powerset. You can create a brand new character and it will be available to you or if you have a character at level 30 you will be able to do a onetime respec to grant them the "Light" power.
Key updates:
  1. Seventh Power Set – Light (Hero: Willpower (Green Lantern Corps), Villain: Fear (Yellow Lantern AKA Sinestro Corps)
  2. All new characters will have it available
  3. Respec your level 30 character as Light wielders
  4. New Four-person Alerts – "S.T.A.R. Labs," "Coast City" and "Sciencells Prison (THIS IS ON OA PEOPLE!)."
  5. $9.99 cost scheduled for later this summer
  6. Guy Gardner (in "Sciencells Prison" Alert) and Atrocitus (in "Coast City" Alert) are added as NPCs to the game.
In times of great emergencies, power rings will duplicate themselves, recruiting temporary Lanterns to the cause. The story behind "Fight for the Light" is you are not becoming a fully fledged Green Lantern or joining the Sinestro Corps. You are instead being a recipient of an emergency ring.
Since you are not joining either the Green Lantern Corps or Sinestro Corps you are considered a "reservist" instead of a fully fledged Corps member. This means you will not have the iconic Lantern symbol. In fact there are two new Iconic Armor sets that are based on Sinestro and Hal Jordan with a blank white circle where the symbols should be.
If you are a Green Lantern fan (which we are… we even made our own GL Corps on the PS3) this is fantastic news. The respec option is good for us too. I know at least some of our Corps mates have already maxed out their characters and are waiting patiently for the DLC to be made available.
"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern's light!"

Coast City Alert
Guy Gardner