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Podcast 60 is now live and we get you caught up on dc universe online update 17 and a few more surprises in store.  Along with the latest news we also have some community news and shoutouts.  So join us as the unlimited crew holds court.




Earlier today, we told you about our panels at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Now, take a look at the schedule for signings with our talent at the DCE booth!


But that’s not all! As a special treat, Jim Lee and Chris Daughtry will be doing a signing together on Friday at 7:30 at the Michael J. Wolf Gallery! And what’s more, the first 50 people in line for this signing will get a free autographed lithograph, drawn by Daughtry and inked by Lee!


Please note that the Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Snyder and Anthony Bourdain signings will require wristbands. Wristbands will be available at the beginning of each day at the DCE booth for that day's signing.



Month #0: The Superman Group Solicits


Throughout the day today, we have been posting the group solicits for the September #0 Month event.

For those that don’t know, we are only a few months away from the one year anniversary of the DC Comics-The New 52 debut. This September, DC will release every New 52 title with a #0 numbering. What does this mean for us? Each #0 will begin a trend of stand-alone stories. Some of these stories will deal with character or even team origins, while other stories for established characters will provide answers to questions that we as readers may have about the New 52 Universe. 


DCUO Test Server Available for all legendary players

 Meeps just announced today that a test server for the new dlc The last laugh is available for all legendary players. check out the link and thanx to meeps for the info on facebook.


Podcast 47 – A very special show from the heart!



Podcast 47 – WARNING!!!!  This show might make you cry!  join us for a very special moment for dcuo unlimited as we learn more  about our very own Superman.  Words can’t explain what your about to hear, it’s just one of those moments.

We also cover Game update 6 from DCUO.


dc_universe_online on dcuounlimited

Game Update 6: The Deadly Double-Cross



Brainiac has been defeated, and the Fortress of Solitude purged of the diabolical machine’s evil influence. But the cost of victory might prove too much for even Superman. The rogue Kryptonian, General Zod, has betrayed the Man of Steel and Lex Luthor. He now seeks to capture the Fortress and topple all of Earth itself.


The third and final chapter in the Fortress of Solitude Raid series pits you and seven friends against some of the most vile criminals in the Universe. Free of the Phantom Zone prison, and powered by Earth’s yellow sun, the hoard of Kryptonian villains released by General Zod will stop at nothing to keep their liberty, and conquer our planet.


Topple General Zod and a wealth of new Kryptonian gear, weapons, and Marks of Krypton are yours for the taking. Do you have what it takes to overcome the Deadly Double-Cross?


Insider Tip From The Developers!
"Don’t shoot the medic!" We shouted this constantly while testing this Raid. You’ll find out why! — From Game Designer Jesse "Loche" Benjamin





Take a look of our video insider look of SDCC 2011. more to come:


Podcast 36 – Two Facein’ it in Endgame

Podcast 36 – Is here and we go right in on the latest news from DC Universe Online.  We get you covered in dcuo's endgame.  we cover how you begin and what gear to look for.  it may also seem that with san diego around the corner we might have some updated news coming from DCUO.




DC AFTERDARK Podcast 2 – Who hit the reset button?

DC AFTERDARK is back! We go over DC Comics Big News on relaunching all DC titles and droping 52 titles in september.  we go over all 52 books and teams and what is the future of DC Comics.  We also talk about the latest news and rumors from the set of the DARK KNIGHT RISES. Last we hit talk about the green lantern video game and the highly anticipated Batman ArkhamCity.  And finally we make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! IT'S HUGE!!!!



New Ra’s al Ghul video

So you guy's wanted to see some Ra's al Ghul video?  Well ok we here at DCUO-Unlimited will oblige!!! 



E3 2011: Catwoman Gameplay Walkthrough

E3 is going on today and gametrailers demoed Batman: Arkham City





IGN: E3 2011: Superman Needs You in DC Universe Online

IGN's Greg Miller posted another article and game update 3 video read and view video-


IGN Article
t's time to help Superman. DC Universe Online has been getting content updates since the game came out, but most have something to do with Batman — Sony Online Entertainment just announced Game Update Three, and it's all about Ra's al Ghul — but that's about to change. At E3, SOE will talk Game Update Four and its plans to take you to the Fortress of Solitude, Superman's arctic base, but who wants to wait to see it and hear about?

IGN sure doesn't, so we grabbed new Game Director Mark Anderson — a man who came from the God of War franchise and has been with SOE for four years now — and asked him about DC Universe Online's Super-update, bugs, servers and burning topics for rabid fans.

IGN: When you guys originally talked about DCUO updates, you talked about them being monthly. There was some trouble getting that off the ground in the beginning, but you are about to release your third update and are already talking about the fourth. Have you figured out the sweet science or is mantra "publish when it's ready?"

Mark Anderson: We're excited to be releasing Game Update Three: Ra's al Ghu's Revenge and to begin talking about the next game update, which has many things players have been asking us to bring to the experience. Because of the length of time it takes to plan, develop and test we're obviously working on releases that are sometimes planned quite some time down the road. I would love to say we had it down to a science, but the truth is that each new piece of gameplay we develop comes with its own challenges, and we want to continue to raise the quality bar for each successive release. I don't think that the development of any form of game can ever really say it becomes a science, as finding the fun takes time even with a proven model. Having said that, we're looking to build on the core strengths of the game and are striving to hit a regular pace or stride that our players can count on. We're not there yet but we are getting better. Most importantly we are trying to make sure that we evolve and grow the game based on what our players are telling us so that we continue to make the game better rather than just adding more.

IGN: SOE suffered some company-wide layoffs a few months ago. How has this impacted DCUO?

Mark Anderson: Losing part of your team is very hard, developing a game together builds strong bonds, and team members become more like family. The size of a team required to develop and launch a game is typically much larger than we'd have supporting the live game, and so we move forward with a core team that can carry the game we all built together and ensure we do it justice. We have a very strong and experienced team that is more than capable of delivering the quality of live experience that DCUO deserves.

IGN: As DC fanboy, I've dug the updates, but they've all been pretty Batman-centric in terms of locations and villains. As a representative of the House of El, will I be happy with Game Update 4? What's in it?

Mark Anderson: If you're into all things Kryptonian, I think you'll be very pleased with not only Game Update Four but also the next few updates. We've got to give the Man of Steel his due, and he can't be contained to a single update. To start off, we take you to the Fortress of Solitude where Brainiac continues on his march to absorb all that the Earth has to offer. With an army at his doorstep, Superman needs all the help he can get to stop Brainiac from using the powers of his home world against the people of Earth, even if it means developing a fragile alliance with one of his greatest enemies. This is the start of our next series of 8-player group content, and it's got some really jaw-dropping stuff.



YES!!! June is finally here and as we get closer to the release of Green Lantern Film, we here at DCUO UNLIMITED are marking this special month by going green!  yes even myself the villain of all villains is celebrating by first creating my first Hero character in dc universe online game.  we also created the official DCUO UNLIMITED Green Lantern Corps on PS3 server No Mans Land.

So a lot to get too and look forward too, so lets get started.  first is our information for joining our green lantern Corp on dcuo-

DC Universe Online

Platform: PS3

Server: No Mans Land

Mentor: Superman

Role: Hero

Power: Flight is a must and rest is up to you

Colors: Green, Black and White

Emblem: Swirling Fireball

Contacts for GL CORPS: KEKJA, ULTRA GL, GreenLit, Una MaYorr, Ginja, EsmeraldaZ and Amazing Guy

Look for any of of these GL Corps members to join the Corps!!


The next bit of news is that in celebrating Green Lantern's Month we are going to be giving free stuff away!!!


So if your a Green Lantern fan we have T-shits, Comics, Toys, Movies to all give away!  and yes its all green lantern goodies.  here is what you have to do to win this cool Green Lantern swag-

Follow us on twitter: @DCUOUNLIMITED




We will be announcing different contest throughout each social outlet, so stay tuned to us all of June because the Green Lantern Event starts here first!

Green Lantern Movie Sypnopis

In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan.

Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans, who have never harnessed the infinite powers of the ring before. But Hal is clearly the missing piece to the puzzle, and along with his determination and willpower, he has one thing no member of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris, if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax…he will become the greatest Green Lantern of all.


Going Green June 17th………..

June 17th is a big day for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, but it is an even bigger day for Green Lantern and diehard DC Fans like myself. 

For the better part of 30+ years i have been collecting comic books almost since i was born.  my father being a superman helped with that but i seemed to find my way being more of a Batman fan as a kid.  on Saturday mornings my favorite show was the super friends and loving and caring for the hero's of the show.  as my knowledge grew of Batman, superman, wonder woman and green lantern.  then diving in to the whole DC Universe while your buddies talk about spider-man and x-men you realize that this journey will be all your own. 

Going through the history you see find out that Hal was not the original green lantern but Alan Scott was, now imagine being 7 years old and finding this out and understanding you got more comics to read to find out everything about the history of the green lantern(s). 


It's a fun journey to take but it takes years to really appreciate what June 17th means to me and thousands of green lanterns fans around the world who read the adventures of alan scott, hal jordan, kyle rayner, john stewart, kilowag, etc…  days and nights reading the comics, carrying them in your backpack to school, sneaking them in to your text books so it looks like your reading along with what the teacher is saying.  collecting your first figure.  now imagine doing this for every dc character and you have my life growing up.  Green Lantern sticks out because we are finally getting to see one of DC's top comic book heroes coming to the big screen.  (we still need a wonder woman but warner bro's is not confident in a woman leading a superhero action movie.  hire me as an adviser and i will show you how it can!)  

As i walk into the theaters and find my seat with soda and popcorn in hand i will be automatically taken back through those long nights of reading, not paying attention in school cause i wanted to know more about sinestro, going to stop n go to ask if they got new dc comics in and waking up Saturday morning to see the whole gang -Batman, superman, wonder woman and green lantern!

What i want from you guys is one thing, if your not a green lantern but going to see the film, please understand that there are others like myself that have waited a long time for this moment, heck some have waited longer then i have who actually created the character who are no longer here to see this day.  so enjoy the movie and more so head to a comic book store and find some green lantern books to read.  and if your still in school remember i do not support not listening in school………but they do want you to read more now a days so….




New DCUO Raid Area……….?

Tonight DCUO's New Game Director Mark Anderson showed us a glimpse of a new area and possible a new raid area, it's superman's home away from home.  Fortress of Solitude!!!

This is a very nice DLC that looks to be coming in update 3.  here is a history of the Fortress of Solitude-

The Fortress of Solitude is the occasional headquarters of Superman in DC Comics.[1] Its predecessor, Superman's "Secret Citadel", first appeared in Superman #17, where it was said to be built into a mountain on the outskirts of Metropolis. However, the formal introduction of the Fortress took place in the story "The Super-Key to Fort Superman", published in Action Comics #241 (June 1958).

Traditionally, the Fortress of Solitude is located in the Arctic,[1] though more recent versions of the Superman comics have placed the Fortress in other locations, including the Antarctic, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. The general public in Superman's world is either unaware or at best only vaguely aware of the existence of the Fortress, with its location kept secret from all but Superman's closest friends and allies (such as Lois Lane and Batman). A trademark of the Fortress is that it contains a memorial statue of Jor-El and Lara, Superman's Kryptonian parents, holding a large globe of Krypton. Although Superman has living quarters at the Fortress, his main residence is still Clark Kent's apartment in Metropolis.

Check back for more details from tonight's event.